Thanks to the seeds they eat and carry, birds have managed to leave a green trace on every corner of nature over the years, and they have also become one of the main parts that make nature sustainable. As ecording, we are inspired by this ability of birds to fight against the climate crisis. We aim to create a butterfly effect with individuals and companies by aiming for small steps to make significant changes.


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Who are we?

We are a social enterprise that develops sustainable and innovative environmental technologies against the global climate crisis. Through the solutions we have developed, we enable individuals and brands to meet with a common awareness and fight against the climate crisis altogether.

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According to nature-

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Our priorities have something in common

We work for the common good of all components of nature.



We act with the consciousness of adding meaningful and robust value to all the points we touch with each technology we develop.



To make development and growth sustainable, we carry out our activities by focusing on nature and its needs.



We are aware that we are responsible for nature and living things, and we leave traces of this awareness in all the steps we take.

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Harmony with Nature

We are advancing our work by aiming to achieve sustainable harmony of modern society with nature by developing innovative technologies.

Join us for a more livable world.

Many institutions have appreciated our works at the national and international levels.
Our awards and accomplishments since 2019;


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Sustainable Development Goals

ecording carries out all of its work in line with the "Sustainable Development Goals" determined by the United Nations.

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SDG 10

Reduced Inequalities
The seed balls, meeting the ground via the ecoDrone, are produced by women living in rural areas close to the operation area. We serve the aims of reducing economic and sociological inequalities while supporting the economic development of women.
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SDG 12

Responsible Consumption and Production
Within the scope of cooperation with ecording, seed ball shooting per ecoDrone-labeled product or service sale is the green transformation of consumption into nature. In this way, green consumption models are encouraged and responsible production and consumption purposes are served.
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SDG 13

Climate Action
ecording fights against the climate crisis and its negative consequences by performing innovative and fast seed ball shots thanks to ecoDrones. In this context, the purpose of climate action is served by creating life potentials on earth.
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SDG 15

Life On Land
Within the scope of cooperation with ecording, thanks to the forests covering 30% of the earth and are the habitats of millions of living things, we serve to improve rural life while fighting climate change.

Are you ready to take action for a more livable world?

Due to the increasing effects of the climate crisis, forest ecosystems’ importance has grown even more due to their crucial role in carbon sequestration, reducing biodiversity loss, and preventing temperature rise on the planet. With the technologies it develops in line with these results, ecording offers solutions where individuals and organizations can positively and directly fight the climate crisis and aim for a more livable world.

ecording continues to work on unmanned aerial vehicles and software technologies it has developed. ecoDrone is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by our team and used in afforestation works with direct planting method. ecordingApp is a mobile application that earns awards from contracted brands with the points obtained by completing the tasks given for the benefit of the world and the environment.

Our short-term goal is to continue our efforts to reforestation the world by integrating with companies and institutions from every sector by increasing our cooperation with our work. As ecording, we aim to reduce Turkey’s carbon footprint and the world and become one of the leading institutions about the environmental awareness and environmental technologies with our target to shoot 1 billion seed balls by 2030. In addition to this, we aim to develop this process, started in Turkey, worldwide with our office we opened in the Netherlands in February 2021.

ecoDrone is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by ecording. ecoDrone delivers airborne seed ball shoots in hard-to-reach areas that need to be afforested.

Every purchased product and service turns into a seed ball in nature. For example, when you see an ecoDrone icon on a product you purchased, you realize that a seed ball will be shot with the ecoDrone for that product sale. In addition, by scanning the QR code placed on the products, you can access detailed information such as when, where, and what type of seed ball will be shot, and you can view the most up-to-date photos from the field. In the long term, we work to ensure that individuals and brands see and be aware of their impact on nature with this business model.

Be aware of every shade of green!

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