#1follower1tree Campaign

It has often been proven with various methods in every period of history that humans are social beings. Our aim to find solutions to our questions has caused us to build our environment in line with these solutions and, therefore, come together with the people around us. Thus, in social media, which is a diverse social space that we have built for ourselves in modern life, we come together with people to implement the solutions we target against the global climate crisis and create environmental awareness in every individual of the society. With the # 1follower1tree campaign that we started on our social media platforms, we shoot a seed ball with ecoDrone for each of our followers who follow our social media accounts, where we provide solutions and statistics on behalf of the environment and share information about the climate crisis and nature. In this way, we both contribute to individuals’ environmental awareness and turn this simple action into an argument that has the potential to combat the climate crisis directly.

According to the Land Report prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we did not have the opportunity to prevent the global temperature from rising to 1.5 degrees until 2030. However, if we act as of today, we can achieve a significant step against the global climate crisis by keeping the global temperature constant at 1.5 degrees in 2030. The fact that there are 3.8 billion active social media users around the world, announced in the Digital 2020 report prepared by We Are Social last year, reveals the power and importance of the #1follower1tree campaign in the context of combating the climate crisis, in line with the target we set for 2030.

The survey results conducted by WIN International on social media users last year reveal that people's awareness of the global climate crisis and environmental consciousness has not yet developed sufficiently. The ratio of “totally agree” responses in the survey, which was conducted in 40 different countries of the world and included some questions as "Is there a climate crisis that causes global warming? Is the global climate crisis a result of human activities? Is the global climate crisis a serious threat to humanity? Is it to prevent the climate crisis?", is 24,2% in Turkey and 38.7% globally. Therefore, this survey reveals the importance of the #1follower1tree campaign from another perspective. However, 42.8% of the generation, who was born after 1997 and uses social media the most, said "Yes" to the question: “Is it too late to prevent the climate crisis?". It means that social media usage and campaigns have a much more impact on the global climate crisis.

As ecording, we are aware that we cannot solve the world’s environmental problems alone in line according to all these findings. For this reason, we are trying to make our world a more livable place with you while we still have time. By acting with us right now, become a part of our goals by 2030 and take the first step by following @ecordingmapp social media accounts!

#StayHomeForest | Being a Hope for the Future with 24,833 Shares

A Cree Indian proverb says that “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” It explains everything we need to appreciate these days.

We’re recently experiencing the days when we understand and realize our health and our loved ones’ value. While all this is happening, we find the opportunity to comprehend humanity’s effects on our environment, nature, world, and even our future. We become aware of our roles in life. We realize how important our future is, and we know that we are fighting against the climate crisis and Covid-19. We also know that one of the best ways to solve the climate crisis problem is afforestation.

Accordingly, as ecording, we wanted to leave a permanent mark on nature to remember our unity and solidarity in the future, as well as strengthening the #StayHome campaign, which we carried out to protect public health against the spread risks of the Covid-19 virus and to support our people in this regard.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone should stay home to ensure social isolation and minimize the virus’s risks. With our initiative, we aimed to create an unmanned "#StayHomeForest" by throwing a seed ball for every day we stay at home with unmanned aerial vehicles we developed and named ecoDrone. In this direction, we carried out our #StayHomeForest campaign with the support of the General Directorate of Forestry and partner brands of ecording.

Individuals participated in our #StayHomeForest campaign by sharing content on their social media accounts with the #StayHomeForest hashtag. Our ecoDrones will create the #StayHomeForest by throwing a seed ball into nature for each sharing made with the #StayHomeForest hashtag until the end of the campaign. During the campaign, the total number of shares made with the hashtag #StayHomeForest is 24,833, and the number of seed balls we will meet with the soil with the support of our partner brands is 265,000 in total. The seed ball shooting for #StayHomeForest will take place in Ankara in June.

We’re looking forward to the day we will throw seed balls for our #StayHomeForest campaign, in which we aim to turn the act of staying at home nowadays into breathing in the future. Knowing that the nature of our future depends on our nature’s future, we once again understood that a greener and better future is only #possibletogether.

Ceyda Olgun