We announced our 2030 targets at the launch of “Mission2030 pursued by ecording”

At the launch we named "Mission2030 pursued by ecording", we explained our purpose, the path we took, our goals, the advanced features of our ecoDrones and our new technological solution product: ecordingApp.

You knew ecording as a social enterprise that shoots seed balls with ecoDrones, while forests all over the world are burning, on the other hand, it is working to increase forest wealth. Mission2030 pursued by ecordingwas announced. So we published that we have renewed our corporate identity at the launch we gave our name on September 7, 2022.

We reviewed our 2030 targets and added a new solution to the solutions we developed against the climate crisis. In the launch we named "Mission2030 pursued by ecording", we aimed to define our purpose, the way we started, our goals, ecoDroneand our new technological solution product, ecordingApp.

ecordingAppis a mobile application where you can meet your own and the world's needs with the ecoPoints you acquire, when you confirm the tasks given for the benefit of the world, take action against the global climate crisis. The aim of ecordingApp is to meet their personal needs and fight the climate crisis together, while ensuring that environmentally friendly activities that people can implement in their daily lives with the butterfly effect turn into a habit. With ecordingApp, you can measure and share your social impact and challenge your friends. In addition, you can follow the social and environmental impact of all your verified tasks on the "My Impact" tab in the application.

At the launch of the "Mission2030 pursued by ecording", attended by many brands, agencies, initiatives, institutions and organizations, we presented the guests with an experience area with the motto "#Change4thePlanet". In the field of experience prepared to draw attention to the climate crisis, we drew attention to more than 50 problems caused by climate change, such as recycling, deforestation, fossil fuel use and air pollution.

Stating that we can achieve a big transformation with small individual steps we will take with the power of the butterfly effect, he said, "We invite everyone who would like to cultivate even the smallest hope with great faith, to improve our common future." we said. At the end of the night, Pandami Music took the stage and gave the guests a pleasant evening.

We have learned from nature not to lose our hope and to cultivate even the smallest hope with great faith. On the evening of September 7th, we shared our hope, excitement and happiness with our friends, partners and supporters. We had conversations about establishing meaningful partnerships in order to take action together for the planet and improve our common future. In order to be a part of the solution, not the problem, each of us says "I AM IN!"