Task validations in the ecordingApp involve placing videos uploaded by users into a verification queue following the guidelines. Tasks from various categories are analyzed by AI-based autonomous task validation software to be confirmed or rejected. Videos that fall below a certain accuracy threshold or are rejected and requested for reevaluation by the user are reviewed again by the operations manager.

The reason for video task validations within the ecordingApp is to ensure that users’ impact analyses are performed accurately and measurably. Therefore, it is important for every environmentally sensitive task to be verifiable. Task validations can be conducted based on the content provided in the guidelines and task descriptions. Otherwise, there are situations where tasks cannot be validated even if they are performed.

In ecordingApp, tasks performed in various categories are subject to daily, weekly, and monthly task quotas based on the nature and difficulty level of the task.


ecoCoins define the points earned by users from verified beneficial tasks for the environment within ecordingApp. Users can utilize these ecoCoins within the ecordingApp Market.

Task points in ecordingApp are calculated taking into account parameters such as task repeatability, applicability, carbon footprint, and incentive coefficient.


The ecordingApp Market is an area where users can utilize the ecoPoints they earn from verified tasks within ecordingApp. Users can access a variety of rewards to meet their personal needs with the ecoPoints they have accumulated, or they can choose to donate their ecoPoints to an NGO for social and environmental impact.