In this manifesto, we will be sharing the path we have taken, the solutions we have developed against the climate crisis and the values we will create together with our stakeholders. But first, let us emphasize what we will experience when we miss the point of no return as humanity.


When we laid the foundations for the idea of ​​ecording in 2017, we were not aware of how difficult our task would be, but we knew this: we could not be more indifferent to the global climate crisis! Since the first day we set off, we have never lost hope in our fight against the climate crisis and now we are preparing for the day when nature will embrace us again.

With this manifesto that we call “Mission2030 pursued by ecording”, we are on the way to improve our common future; we explain our philosophy, the foundations we stand on, the values ​​we believe in and our goals. Mission2030 includes concrete steps that we have taken and will take with our stakeholders in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this manifesto, you can also find ecording’s roadmap to 2030 and its preparations for building a carbon neutral world by 2050.

As ecording, we are eager to make you a partner in our dream of contributing to the steps that will stop the climate crisis until 2030 and building a more livable World in 2050; In the fight against the climate crisis, we invite everyone who would like to raise even the smallest hope with great faith to improve our common future.



According to NASA’s 2022 data; Global temperature has increased by 1.01°C and sea level by 4.0mm since 1880, while carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have been recorded as 419 ppm. According to the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we have no chance to prevent the world temperature from rising by 1.5°C by 2030. However, if we act today, we can keep the global temperature increase constant at 1.5°C in 2030. If we do not act, if we say “what can I do more?” and retreat to our own comfort zones, we are faced with the threat of the destruction of our common future.

In 2022, World Overshoot Day is set to be July 28. In other words, we consumed the natural wealth that the planet produced in 12 months in 7 months. So much so that it takes 1.75 Earths to meet the current humanity’s demand, but we only have one Earth and one life! How we live that life and make our present more meaningful and our shared future with the world more livable are in our hands. Our choices today will be the change tomorrow.

According to the Global Footprint Network, if we manage to push the limit forward just 4.5 days each year, by 2050, the resources provided by a single Earth a year will be enough for us. For example; Reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuels by 50% will take 93 days, and cutting food waste in half will move this date forward 11 days. As a matter of fact, with the effect of the pandemic that affected the whole world in 2020, the Overshoot Day was set as August 22, that is, this date was pushed forward three weeks. We can push this date further by consciously transforming our habits, not by the force of circumstances such as the pandemic. We can prevent the economic and social reflections of infectious diseases, extreme weather events, environmental pollution, loss of biodiversity, forest fires and dozens of other problems on our lives.

Because time is running against us, we have to give a chance to future generations. 2050 is not a distant date at all. Although it will be a difficult process, we think it is worth a try!


The essence of the matter is that as the glaciers melt rapidly, the sea level will rise, the increase in forest fires as well as man-made disasters will negatively affect terrestrial life and the freshwater cycle, while the extreme temperature increases, the biodiversity of which humans are a part will gradually decrease. Either all ecosystems will be overturned like dominoes by human hands, which will lead us to the 6th extinction, or people will learn empathy instead of selfishness, solidarity instead of competition, adapting to nature instead of fighting, and will stop this extinction with the butterfly effect for the purpose of existence. Which one do you prefer? It is time to act while we still have the chance!



A butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon Jungle can cause a storm in the United States. Just as even a slight increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can cause the Earth’s average surface temperature to increase. In the 1960s, Edward Lorenz contributed to chaos theory with the concept of the butterfly effect, deducing that a small change in initial conditions could have enormous and long-term consequences. The concept in question tells us the change that the steps taken for a solution can create and the scale of the impact.

For this reason, we aimed to deliver solutions that change and impact can create to society and humanity with innovative technologies. We set out with the hope of improving our common future and a more livable World, and we are moving forward with the philosophy that tomorrow’s big transformation is possible only together with the small steps taken for the planet today.

We have the potential to positively change the world, with individuals, companies and governments taking the responsibility. We can choose what our common future, present life and habits should be like. Remembering that we belong to nature; With it, we can regain our harmony, rebuild existence, not extinction.

ecording invites all humanity to be more conscious and responsible towards nature. By taking action together with its individual and corporate stakeholders with the technological solutions it has developed, ecording is determined to create effective and innovative transformations in harmony with nature and to bury the climate crisis in history with these transformations.



ecording; is a social enterprise that develops sustainable, innovative and technological solutions against the global climate crisis. Established in 2017 by a group of young people, ecording aims to convey its social and environmental impact to the whole world, and to support the fight against the climate crisis in the world by using the power of technology.

Everything in our life depends on nature and its parameters. Every technological solution we develop by learning and being inspired by nature contributes to the adoption of a life style in harmony with nature and, again, “according to nature” impact, benefit, technology, experience exists to produce. This is where ecording gets its name. The word meaning “ecording to” derives from the English preposition “according to-”. It is translated into Turkish as “according to nature”.

We believe in the butterfly effect, “Small steps can create big transformations!” We take philosophy as our guide. We are committed to being a part of the solution, not the problem, in the fight against the climate crisis.

“Let's talk but also take action, the smallest action is better than inaction!” We take action together with everyone, aware of their responsibilities towards the world and nature.

Like every living thing, we belong to nature and we are responsible to it! We take our inspiration from nature and benefit from the power of technology.

By making the value and impact we create visible through experience, we follow the path of a more meaningful life. We find happiness on the road to improving our common future.

By establishing a community based on trust, love and empathy, we dream of touching more lives, creating more social benefits and impact, and making the world a more livable place together.

In an age where everything is changing rapidly, with the power of technology and innovation, we aim to focus attention on the fight against the climate crisis for our common future.

Despite our sociocultural differences; we invite everyone to unite and be together with the power of empathy and work to produce solutions to the problems in the world in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In the face of inequalities, it takes care to treat ourselves, each other, nature and all living things fairly and we adopt the motto of “Leave No One Behind!”

For millions of years, nature has its own unique system. Everything in the ecosystem is connected by a domino effect. As such, it is very important to evaluate many problems that cause the climate crisis, together with their solutions, from different perspectives. The economic, political, cultural and social orders that humanity has established so far have to transform for the planet! If each of us joins this struggle, it is not too late to turn the crisis into prosperity and solve the problem.

We are determined and ready to continue this struggle until the end, with the solutions we offer by learning and being inspired by nature, with the power of technology and innovation. And we are sure: in the fight against the climate crisis, it is only possible together to nurture even the smallest hope with great faith and improve our common future!



A group of academics led by Johan Rockström and Will Steffen has published a scientific paper called "The Frontiers of the Planet: Searching for a Safe Space for Humanity." Within the framework of the article, 9 critical thresholds in the climate crisis were mentioned.

According to the article, exceeding nine critical thresholds carries the risk of creating large-scale and irreversible environmental changes. In addition, exceeding one threshold can increase the possibility of other parts of the system exceeding their critical thresholds, in a domino effect.

As of 2022, we have exceeded four of the nine thresholds mentioned. These are climate change (melting glaciers and carbon emissions), deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and nitrogen and phosphorus cycles (food). Along with the fresh water cycle, these five thresholds that regulate stability and support our survival on earth are critical, and fortunately, we are not yet at a critical threshold for the fresh water cycle, but we are very close!

With this simplified scientific model, we have found the answer to the question of “Where do we start to fight the climate crisis?” We set our 2030 and 2050 goals based on the positivist research of scientists. Our fight against the climate crisis within the framework of these 9 critical thresholds and in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals; We continue with the mission of developing sustainable, innovative and technological solutions.

One of these critical thresholds in 2017 is starting to look for the answers for the question of “What can we do to prevent deforestation and biodiversity loss?” Because forests are not only holding carbon in the atmosphere and breathing to the world; they also allow to increase biodiversity and protect existing ecosystems, as a habitat for living things. On the other hand, it contributes to the formation of groundwater, which forms our drinking water by storing the water that comes with precipitation in its roots, thus helping the water cycle in the atmosphere to function and meeting our need for clean water.

In this context, our starting point, ecoDrones, were the first of our solutions in the fight against the climate crisis. With the unmanned aerial vehicles we developed ecoDrones, we started to support forestation and biodiversity studies around the world with the power of technology, by shooting seeds and seed balls in hard-to-reach areas.

In 2020, we focused on reducing carbon emissions, which is another critical threshold, and developed ecordingApp. With the tasks for the benefit of the world in ecordingApp, we aimed to ensure that environmentally sensitive activities that people can implement in their daily lives turn into a habit with a reward system.

We wanted to show people with concrete outputs that we can fight against the climate crisis together, by reducing our carbon footprint and reducing our carbon emissions, by influencing global decisions with the habits we transform. Our main motivation was to show people concretely that we actually have the solution by transforming our actions, the enormous change we can create individually, even with a 1% carbon footprint reduction per year.

Climate crisis is the common problem of all of us, regardless of religion, language, race, gender, socioeconomic and sociocultural differences. The solution lies in taking action with a holistic action plan based on empathy and solidarity, not interest and competition. At the point we have reached today by taking the motto of “Do not leave anyone behind!” as a guide, we will support our fight against the climate crisis, which started with ecoDrones and continues with ecordingApp, with alternative technologies that we will develop within the framework of the aforementioned critical thresholds until 2030. From 2030 to 2050, we are determined to repair the damage of the world caused by the climate crisis with all our stakeholders. When the year is 2050, we dream of a life where the Earth will not need ecording, and we look forward to the day when our mission will be completed.



As astrophysicist Hubert Reeves said, “We are at war with nature. If we win, we will lose.” For this reason, we need to remember that we belong to nature and adopt a life in harmony with nature.

At this point, focusing on the fight against the climate crisis while grappling with the problems of our daily lives may seem like a very difficult and even futile effort to fight a war we cannot win. This is why we have decided to integrate our fight against the climate crisis into our daily routines, habits and flows, with the technologies and business models we have developed.

We are aware that this is not a just and unjust war, it is a struggle for life. A struggle to beautify the present life, to improve the common future. It is not the perception of right or wrong, but the anxiety of the uncertainty of the future. It is the story of choosing how, for what and for what to live rather than to live.

ecording started off with the belief that we can do more than just complain, talk about the problem and obstacles, together. It took action with the motivation of producing solutions for the future by taking the responsibility of the past. With faith and hope, we have chosen a cause worth striving for, to fight the climate crisis and build a more livable World. We have a place for everyone on this path, we need the value created by everyone. Because without you, we are missing!


Thanks to the seeds they carry, birds have played the most important roles in the formation of nature and natural forest ecosystems in different geographies of the world over the years and have been one of the main factors that make nature sustainable. Can we support the forestation and biodiversity efforts against the climate crisis with technology, inspired by this natural process? Here, ecoDrones were designed with the knowledge we learned from nature while seeking the answer to this question.

ecoDrones are unmanned aerial vehicles that support forestation and biodiversity efforts by shooting seeds and seed balls in hard-to-reach areas against the global climate crisis. Our starting point is the first of the sustainable, innovative and technological solutions we have developed and will develop against the climate crisis.

Each of the ecoDrones is developed by ecording in Turkey to operate in harsh conditions, lift high weights and fly autonomously. ecoDrones can perform an average of 6,000 seed balls in 10 minutes by scanning an area the size of an average of 1.5 football fields in each flight, and can operate autonomously at an average distance of 3 km from the take-off point.

With the ecoDrone Re-Sense artificial intelligence solution that we started as of 2022, we also use technology to better understand nature, by analyzing the data collected from sensors placed on ecoDrones and external sources by machine learning, making seed ball shooting decisions autonomously based on data, making sense of big data in nature and improving future studies accordingly.



Metropolitans let in more and more immigrants. On the basis of this migration, there are obligations rather than expectations and dreams. Due to the climate crisis, precipitation has decreased by 25% in 20 years only in Turkey, and this rate is expected to reach 30% in 2030. For more than 10 years, it has not been possible to do agriculture without water, that is, agriculture where crops can be grown only with precipitation. Drought is inevitable when the precipitation decreases. So much so that the Mediterranean is experiencing the worst drought in the last 900 years. There are also people who do not want to continue to do agriculture and animal husbandry and give up small city and village life. The fact that they can no longer do agriculture and animal husbandry as they used to, and their incomes decrease, cannot separate them from the land where they were born and raised. However, the climate crisis is making its effects felt more and more. Because the number of man-made disasters such as forest fires and floods is increasing. This situation negatively affects the economy as well as other living conditions.

Considering all these, ecording seeks solutions for the sustainability of life in rural life; It produces the seed balls, which it shoots with ecoDrones, primarily with women who live in rural areas and who are negatively affected by the climate crisis economically and sociologically. It makes creating a sustainable income source for them and fighting the global climate crisis together as one of their business models.

As of 2022, seed balls are produced by more than forty Anatolian women. Each of them talk about how agriculture and animal husbandry cannot be done as before, how increasing human-induced disasters and forest fires have devastated their habitats, and how their lives are not the same as before, and their longing for the past…

Within the framework of this trend, we are aware of the importance of activating all the dynamics of the society in order to improve the world and nature, and to fight against inequalities for a more livable world. In the production of seed balls, we are building a more sustainable and responsible economic model in our fight against the climate crisis. By creating a sustainable income source for women living in rural areas, taking action together against this global problem and contributing to the reduction of economic inequalities are among our main motivations. In this context, we aim to increase women’s employment in the seed ball making process together with our partners. With the motto of “Leaving No One Behind!”, we find it valuable to support gender equality and take steps to reduce inequalities with its motto.

On the other hand, if you ask the question of “What is a seed ball and why is it a seed ball and not a seed?” we can explain it as follows:

Seed balls are the mixtures formed as a result of covering a seed with a mixture of clay, manure, humus soil and different minerals for the fertility of the seed type. By this means, it is aimed to protect them from external factors such as extreme cold, heat, wind, and forest creatures eating the seed; in the period until the seeds germinate in nature with minimum intervention to the soil.


“Can reclaiming what we take from nature for our needs and tackling the climate crisis turn into a process that we can integrate into our daily lives? Can we create an environmental impact model in which society and institutions can be involved, and deliver this impact to the whole world?” The answers to these two questions we asked ourselves provided guidance on the future and scalability of the ecoDrone product. The answer is “By creating the ‘ecoDrone Marked’ concept, we can design an experience where people can touch nature with their daily routines, and create an ecosystem where individuals and brands unite against the climate crisis.”
Within the scope of ecording’s product/service sales-based cooperation model with ecoDrone, seed and seed balls are delivered to the hard-to-reach areas with ecoDrone and forestation and biodiversity studies are supported for each ecoDrone marked product/service or process integrated into the products/services or processes of the partner brands. In addition, consumers can follow the adventures of seed balls through QR codes integrated into ecoDrone marked products/services/transactions.



We continue to create value to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity and to contribute to forestation efforts together with our partners since 2019. With this business model, ecording created a cycle from the production processes of partner brands to creating a sustainable income source for women, from designing an experience where the end consumer can touch nature, to supporting forestation and biodiversity studies with technology, from company to individual, from individual to nature. With the power of technology and innovation, we focused attention on the fight against the climate crisis for our common future. Despite our sociocultural and socioeconomic differences, it has developed a cooperation model where we can increase our social and environmental impact together with the butterfly effect. We started off with the principle of “If you are not there, we are missing something!” and proceeded with the motto of “Leave No One Behind!”


In order to survive, ants live in colonies and millions of them become super-organisms and act as one body against threats. The way to overcome obstacles together, to fight against threats and to protect the future of the colony is to show super organism behavior. But is there a way, inspired by this natural process, to take action against the threat of the climate crisis by showing super-organism behavior as humanity? In this regard, ecordingApp was designed with what we learned from nature while searching for the answer to this question.

ecordingApp is a mobile application where you can meet your own and the world’s needs with the ecoPoints you acquire, when you confirm the tasks given for the benefit of the world, take action against the global climate crisis. Our aim at ecordingApp is to meet the personal needs of people and to fight the climate crisis together, while ensuring that environmentally friendly activities that people can implement in their daily lives with the butterfly effect turn into a habit.

The set up is simple: verify the nature conscious tasks, win, share, change the world!

With ecordingApp, we can take action together and create big transformations with the small steps we take in our daily lives. We can measure and share our social impact and challenge our friends. In addition, we can monitor the social and environmental impact of all our verified tasks in the “My Impact” tab in the application.



The energy sector causes 73% of human-induced carbon emissions and this sector has the largest share among the causes of climate change. The transportation sector, on the other hand, is responsible for 25% of the world’s carbon emissions due to the intense use of fossil fuels. On the other hand, according to the data of the European Parliament, 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world are caused by the production of textile products and shoes, and 17% by global food waste. About 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans and seas every year, causing the extinction of living things in aquatic ecosystems. So much so that there is a 7th continent called the “Great Pacific Garbage Vortex”, which is thought to be 3 times the size of France and 2 times the size of Turkey, and consists of garbage. While developed and developing countries are rapidly depleting the planet’s natural resources, 10 percent of the world’s population still lives below the extreme poverty line.

What we have mentioned above is only a part of the ongoing problems on our planet. That is why we believe we need to be aware of the climate crisis and the future of the planet and act before it is too late. By stepping into a sustainable life thanks to ecordingApp, we can reduce our carbon emissions, influence global decisions with the habits we transform, and see with concrete outputs that we can fight against the climate crisis together.



While everyone wants to do something against the climate crisis, many people do not know what to do or where and how to start. We asked ourselves the questions of “Is it possible to live in harmony with nature while meeting our needs, and integrate our struggle against the climate crisis into life by transforming our daily habits? Can we create an environmental impact model in which society and institutions can be involved, and deliver this impact to the whole world? Is it possible to implement an application where people do not feel lonely by encouraging each other, and where they can turn their environmentally sensitive activities into a habit and become conscious?”

The answer is, “We can create a process design that can be a starting point for people who want to acquire nature-conscious habits, by transforming their daily lives, adopting a lifestyle in harmony with nature and not feeling alone.” and we developed ecordingApp.

In this context, ecordingApp which is open to individual use, unites the attention of individuals and brands in the fight against the climate crisis for our common future, with communication, marketing and market partnership cooperation models, as well as in-house subscription for communities.



We live in the Anthropocene, also known as the Human Age, when human pressure on the world reached its maximum level. So much so that, as humanity, we have changed the conditions that have existed for the last 10 thousand years in just 50 years, by heating the Earth by more than 1°C in a single lifetime.

In order for the global temperature increase to remain constant at 1.5°C, carbon emissions must be halved every 10 years and fossil fuels must be completely eliminated within 30 years at the latest! With this manifesto, which we call “Mission2030 pursued by ecording”, we have determined our 2030 goals based on the research and guidance of scientists within the framework of the article “The Frontiers of the Planet” that we mentioned above.


Organize 1500+ operations with 313 ecoDrones in different geographies of the world.

Shoot 15,000,000,000 seed balls by letting fly ecoDrones 18 million km (47 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon) will shoot 15,000,000,000 seed balls.

Harvest 276,150,000 tons of carbon with 30,000+ partners within the scope of the ecoDrone cooperation model.

Create a sustainable income source for women living in rural areas and contribute to reducing economic inequalities by employing 43,000+ female workers in seed ball production.

Increase the germination efficiency rate of seed balls to be shot from ecoDrones with ReSense technology to a minimum of 30.3%

Prevent 8.2 million tons of carbon emissions by helping 25 million active ecordingApp users to acquire environmentally friendly habits.

Strengthen the fight against the climate crisis in 5 different continents with a total of 7 technological solution products.



At some point in our lives, we must be faced with the question of “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

You may be dreaming of a life where you climb the career ladder one by one, maybe 10 at a time. Or a life intertwined with nature, where you play games and sing songs with your spouse and children. Successful businessman, world-conquering traveller, good parent, free youth, healthy old age… Whatever you expect from life, we are sorry, if we do not act now, none of it will come true!

As the day of global overshoot moves forward and we continue to live as if there are two Earths on one Earth, time will flow backwards when it comes to worrying about the uncertainty of the future. Not 10 years from now, but 1 day or even 1 hour later will be lost in uncertainty.

If we eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy in order to stabilize the global temperature rise at 1.5°C, if we choose savings instead of waste, no matter how renewable our energy is, if we try to make more of what we get from nature and make more conscious and nature-friendly consumption a habit. we can improve our common future.

As ecording, we chose to be part of the solution, not the problem. Instead of waiting for big steps to be taken on a global scale, we believed in the power of the butterfly effect and aimed for big transformation with small steps. We started with ecoDrone and ecordingApp, from increasing forestation and biodiversity to contributing to reducing carbon emissions. With sustainable, innovative and technological solutions that we will develop until 2030, we will continue to fight against the climate crisis more and more strongly and decisively.

We need to create solutions, take action, move forward with faith and determination and be united in the face of obstacles and threats. You are one of the heroes of this story: The World Needs You!