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An inspiring conversation with Mert Karslıoğlu about ecording

We were aware that we need to start from ourselves to stop climate change and its increasingly noticeable effects. We also believe that permanent change is only possible through the awareness of each individual and institution. That’s why we started this journey with the goal of adapting sustainable technological solutions. Today, we are able to fight climate change concretely by developing environmental technologies focused on individuals and institutions. For details, click here.


“We are the new generation nature warriors against the climate crisis”

ecording aims to develop sustainable, innovative and technological solutions to combat the global climate crisis and increase individual environmental awareness. They use unmanned aerial vehicles (ecoDrones) to plant seeds in difficult-to-reach areas. They have also launched a mobile app to increase individual environmental awareness. ecording Founder Mert Karslıoğlu says, “We are the new generation of nature warriors against the climate crisis.” For details, click here.


Turkish entrepreneurs have developed an application for combating climate crisis

Turkish entrepreneurs have developed an application to fight against climate crisis. The application, called ecordingApp, was introduced on September 7th at the launch event. The entrepreneurs also unveiled their 2030 goals at the ‘Mission2030 pursued by ecording’ launch. The application aims to mobilize people individually against the climate crisis. For details, click here.


Focused on new solutions to the climate crisis

Global climate crisis-focused sustainable, innovative, and technological solutions provider ecording revealed their 2030 goals at the “Mission2030 pursued by ecording” launch event. For details, click here.


ecording shared its vision for a solution to the climate crisis

ecording, a global climate crisis-focused social enterprise, unveiled its 2030 goals at the “Mission2030 pursued by ecording” launch event. The event, held at Bahçeşehir University’s Future Campus on Wednesday, September 7, also introduced ecording’s new technological solution product, ecordingApp. For details, click here.


Drone throws 2,500 seed balls in 10 minutes

In these days when we are following and discussing how the work in the burned areas should be done correctly, I want you to follow, support and get inspiration from “ecording”, which throws seed balls with “ecoDrone” and produces environmentally friendly technologies to prevent climate crisis. For details, click here.

27 AUGUST 2021

1 billion seed balls will meet the soil in 10 years

ecording, a social venture that develops technological methods to increase individual environmental awareness, can plant seeds 55 times faster using ecoDrone technology compared to traditional planting methods. Mert Karslıoğlu, founder of ecording, says, ‘We aim to reduce Turkey’s and the world’s carbon footprint with a goal of planting 1 billion seed balls within 10 years. For details, click here.

25 MAY 2020

ecoDrone can drop 2,500 seed balls over an area of 2 hectares within a 10-minute interval

Our ITU Core startup, ecording, was a guest on the Para Dedektifi program, hosted by Cem Seymen and broadcast on CNN Turk. Mert Karslıoğlu, one of the founders of ecording, stated: “ecoDrone is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by ecording that drops seed balls from the air onto difficult-to-plant areas for reforestation.” To watch the program, click here.

16 MARCH 2020

ecording promotional video (imece 3rd Support Program)

Within the framework of the imece 3rd support program, the ecording promotional video, prepared with the contributions of the İmece Platform, Tiga Creative and Zorlu Holding, is on the air! For watching, click here.

16 MARCH 2020

Green jobs directory: ecording

It is wonderful to think about how ecording’s technology works and it takes time for this. Among the open-to-development aspects are important topics such as tracking the plant cover after dropping seed balls and measuring the ecological footprint of the startup. These may be critical for the startup during periods of rapid growth. For details, click here.

12 MARCH 2021

The winner of the Sabri Ulker Environmental Award this year was the 'ecoDrone' project

The Sabri Ulker Environmental Award, which rewards innovative projects developed by startups to ensure the healthy transfer of natural resources to future generations through a partnership between Yildiz Holding and the DenizTemiz Association/TURMEPA, was won this year by the ‘ecoDrone’ project signed by ecording. The ‘ecoDrone’, which can drop seed balls from the air using an unmanned aerial vehicle, delivers results 54 times faster in hard-to-reach areas. For details, click here.

3 MARCH 2021

A startup that uses drones to drop seed balls: ecording

ecording, using unmanned aerial vehicles developed by the ecording team called ecoDrone, carries out seed ball drops in areas that need to be reforested and are inaccessible to humans. For details, click here.

2 MARCH 2020

Seed balls falling from the sky

ecording’s main player would be ecoDrone. This drone developed by Mert Karslıoğlu offers a fast and technological alternative for reforestation. For details, click here.


The finalists for Big Bang 2019 have been announced

The 20 finalists for the ‘Big Bang Start-up Challenge’ event, organized by ITU Core and known as the event that distributes the most resources to entrepreneurs in the world, have been announced. Here are the technology startups that have earned the right to compete in the final, which will take place at Uniq Istanbul on November 28. For details, click here.

24 NOVEMBER 2019

Initiatives break down barriers

Three startups received special awards at the 3rd Support Program organized by Imece. The ecording startup is a solution that reforests hard-to-reach areas by using drones to launch seed balls made by women in rural areas. It addresses both climate change and women’s employment at the same time. For details, click here.

26 JULY 2019

They made a drone to plant seeds

Six young university students have developed an amazing project for a greener Turkey. Drones have been produced to reforest steep, inaccessible areas that are impossible to plant with seedlings. These drones drop seed balls specially prepared from the air onto barren land. In time, the seeds germinate and will eventually turn into trees. To watch the news, click here.

12 JUNE 2019

The startup that sows seeds with a drone for every follower

ecording originally emerged as a student project with the goal of promoting environmental awareness; as its target audience expanded, it became a social startup that aims to be responsible for environmental awareness and continues to grow by diversifying its areas of activity with your support, with the goal of globalizing its impact and scope. To watch the interview, click here.


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