Markalar ve işletmeler, dünyayı gerçekten olumlu bir şekilde değiştirme potansiyeline sahipler. Herkes için eşit şekilde sunulan kaynakları kullanarak; doğa ile olan uyumu, günlük rutinleri ve tüketim alışkanlıklarını yeniden inşa etmekle birlikte on yıl içerisinde iklim krizine karşı yeni bir düzen ve toplum inşa edilebilir. Daha yaşanılabilir dünya ancak; bir hedef doğrultusunda yaşamını ve alışkanlıklarını belirlemiş, ne istediğini ve nasıl yapması gerektiğini bilen, yaptığı her eylem ile birlikte doğaya dokunma şansına sahip bir dünya ile mümkün.

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Due to the increasing effects of the climate crisis, forest ecosystems’ importance has grown even more due to their crucial role in carbon sequestration, reducing biodiversity loss, and preventing temperature rise on the planet. With the technologies it develops in line with these results, ecording offers solutions where individuals and organizations can positively and directly fight the climate crisis and aim for a more livable world.

ecording continues to work on unmanned aerial vehicles and software technologies it has developed. ecoDrone is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by our team and used in afforestation works with direct planting method. ecordingApp is a mobile application that earns awards from contracted brands with the points obtained by completing the tasks given for the benefit of the world and the environment.

Our short-term goal is to continue our efforts to reforestation the world by integrating with companies and institutions from every sector by increasing our cooperation with our work. As ecording, we aim to reduce Turkey’s carbon footprint and the world and become one of the leading institutions about the environmental awareness and environmental technologies with our target to shoot 1 billion seed balls by 2030. In addition to this, we aim to develop this process, started in Turkey, worldwide with our office we opened in the Netherlands in February 2021.

People living in rural areas are one of the groups experiencing income inequality due to the climate crisis. This segment, whose livelihoods are mostly agriculture and animal husbandry, is also faced with income inequality as they are directly affected by the global climate crisis. Women living in areas close to our operation sites and exposed to income inequality due to the climate crisis are trained on materials specially developed by ecording for the production of seed balls, and the production of seed balls is carried out with these women. Then, with the purchase of the seed balls produced from those women, planting operations are carried out in the fields determined by the General Directorate of Forestry. In this way, ecording contributes to the additional income of women affected by the global climate crisis and fights directly with women against the climate crisis.

As a result of the R&D studies initiated in approximately 2018 and carried out with the support of the General Directorate of Forestry, Central Anatolia Forestry Research Institute, and Artvin Coruh University, germination at an average of 36% is observed for six different seed species that have been shot in 5 different fields so far. The said germination rates vary according to factors such as the working area, the type of seed used, and the sowing time, and it is between a minimum of 9% and a maximum of 62%. Studies are continuing to increase productivity day by day through R&D.

Every purchased product and service turns into a seed ball in nature. For example, when you see an ecoDrone icon on a product you purchased, you realize that a seed ball will be shot with the ecoDrone for that product sale. In addition, by scanning the QR code placed on the products, you can access detailed information such as when, where, and what type of seed ball will be shot, and you can view the most up-to-date photos from the field. In the long term, we work to ensure that individuals and brands see and be aware of their impact on nature with this business model.