New Creatures of Nature

About 380 million years ago, a new type of tissue, woody tissue, began to appear on plants. With the formation of the first woody texture, the earth was covered with the new creatures of nature.

About 380 million years ago, a major change occurred in the structure of plants and a new type of tissue, woody tissue, began to appear on plants. 

The plants of that time gained a little more strength than in the past thanks to the woody texture, and thus they could grow stronger and more numerous than their ancestors. However, they have begun to carry this new feature not only in their trunks, but also in their seeds, which will enable them to spread and reproduce. After the first woody tissue formed mixed its seeds with nature and brought them together with the soil, the earth was covered with nature's new creatures. 

Formation of the woody texture

These seeds, which have spread to all four corners of our world with various natural events and external factors, have created forest ecosystems of different types and characteristics in accordance with the conditions of the region they are in. The best examples of these natural events and external factors are undoubtedly winds and birds. The fact that the seeds fly in the wind with their carpels and are preferred by birds as food accelerated the effects of this spread. In fact, 99% of today's forests are still forests from seeds thanks to these effects in the past. 

We imitate nature.

As ecording, we imitate nature with the inspiration we get from these effects, thanks to the technologies we have developed, and we carry out our work in this direction. By bringing the seeds in question to the soil with ecoDrones; we are covering the earth with life potentials that maybe even have a chance to live when we are not in the world.

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