Is sustainability the new normal for brands?

The effects of the climate crisis, which have been seen frequently in recent times, have made consumers turn to more sustainable and environmentally friendly options in their shopping.

With the recent extreme weather events, broken temperature records and ecological disasters, more and more people are becoming aware of environmental problems. This has led consumers to turn to more sustainable and environmentally friendly options in their shopping. 

In addition, we can say that this sustainability trend is most prevalent among the young generation. Therefore, it would be more accurate to consider this environmentalist consumption habit not as a short-term trend, but as a long-term preference that will now become the new normal.

Now, if brands want to be permanent, they must put sustainability at the core of their work. This sustainable transformation can be experienced in different ways in different sectors. For example; transition to ecological materials, energy savings with new technologies or the least possible use of resources can be achieved. The main purpose of this transformation is to minimize the damage caused by the work done to nature and to leave a livable planet to future generations by considering sustainability as the first priority, not profit.

Sustainability has now become a necessity rather than a choice. With less than a decade left to fight an existential threat like the climate crisis, it is vital that companies are part of the solution along the way. In addition, it seems that sustainable transformation will also turn into an economic imperative, as practices such as carbon tax that hold companies responsible for their carbon emissions are coming.

The fact that consumers are sensitive to the environment makes them think about the cost of the product they buy to the planet. In this way, they can distinguish between brands that only aim to provide marketing without relying on sustainability, and those that really care. Therefore, it is of great importance to include this transformation at every stage and to be as transparent as possible and openly share the new steps taken for sustainability.

Duru Barbak